Mission Statement

"We Do Things Right!"

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Repcon Inc.’s business is industrial construction, maintenance and turnarounds for the process industries. As such, we are a service company. Our existence and continued success are dependent on the quality and overall value of the services we provide our clients. We must consistently provide a level of quality and value that is unmatched in our industry; and do so while maintaining the highest regard for safety and the environment.

The key to providing quality service is capable, dedicated, and caring employees. To attract and keep these employees, we must provide a safe work environment that offers challenges and performance based rewards. Our employees are the Company’s greatest assets.

We believe an incident free workplace is essential for continued success. We must develop and adhere to the highest level of safety compliance and performance. “Zero incidents” is the only acceptable goal.

We must continue to improve our services at a competitive cost. This is accomplished by pursuing improvements through a structured quality process and employee involvement.

We must strive to be a leader in our industry and our community. The Company and its employees have an obligation to participate in worthwhile industry and community activities. Additionally, active participation in the political process is imperative if we are to maintain the Free Enterprise System that has so effectively provided the opportunity for businesses such as ours to flourish.

As a service business, the Company’s reputation is critical to its continued growth and success. Accordingly, we must strive to build and maintain a sterling reputation, for not only quality, value, and safety, but also for honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

We must operate at a profit in order to fund the Company’s growth, achieve its strategic plan, and provide a reasonable return to investors.

Finally, we believe that this Mission statement is a practical and functional document. It is essential that the Company’s operations be conducted in accordance with the principles and ideals contained herein.