Repcon, Inc. was the first general contractor to receive the VPP STAR Mobile Contractor designation.

When you specialize in HF Alky and other ultra-hazardous services, and perform over 80% of the Alky projects in the U.S., safety better be a priority. Around here it is.

Fact is, Repcon is the only refinery services contractor— with the OSHA VPP Star Mobile Contractor designation and to be listed in the OSHA Federal Register with approved safety and health policies and procedures in all ten OSHA Federal Regions.

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Environmental, Safety, & Health Improvements/Best Practices

The Repcon “Fit for Duty” program was designed to ensure Repcon, our employees and clients that our employees are physically capable of successfully completing their assigned task, day-in and day-out.

The programs includes:

  • written position descriptions with physical requirements
  • pre-hire fit-for-duty physicals
  • medical protocol coordination with pre-approved on and off site medical facilities
  • client reporting requirements
  • thorough Case Management

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