General Turnarounds (All Units)

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When we say that turnarounds are our business, we mean it. Over the next year, Repcon, Inc. will perform more than 3,000,000 man-hours of scheduled maintenance, turnarounds, and construction projects in petrochemical and gas processing plants, as well as refineries, all across the United States.

We have performed general mechanical work in:

  • HF and SF Alkylation Units
  • Crude Units
  • Atmospheric Distillation Units
  • Vacuum Distillation Units
  • Distillate
  • Gas Oil and Naphtha Hydrotreater Units
  • Reformer Units
  • Fluid Catalytic Crackers (FCC)
  • Hydrocracker Units, Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU)
  • Coking Units
  • Delayed Coking Units
  • Fluid Coker Units
  • Isomerization Units, and Ethylene / Olefin Units
  • Chlorine
  • Caustic
  • PVC
  • Vinyls
  • Polyethylene
  • VCM, Light Hydrocarbons
  • Cogens
  • Boilers

An expert in turnaround work

Known in the refining industry as “turnarounds,” these projects represent millions of dollars of capital investment. Projects range in size and require as few as 20 to as many as 1,200 craft workers. Turnaround work usually involves maintenance and upgrading work performed on various types of units within the refinery.

Project teams for turnarounds are typically made up of pipefitters, general boilermakers, exchange boilermakers, tower boilermakers, welders, and assistants as well as project managers and operations personnel.

We have experience in all types of units, with all types of clients, and in all regions all across the country.

Always safe

As with any project that Repcon performs, safety is at the forefront of every turnaround. Extensive safety training and orientation sessions are given to each team member prior to beginning work and before each shift. Daily safety audits are also conducted with additional safety specialists brought in as needed.