Pipe Fabrication & Installation

welding.jpgRead our Pipe Fabrication Capabilities Sheet

With multiple fabrication facilities and full weld qualifications and capabilities, we can fabricate and install much of the pipe needed for your facility. Repcon has a total of 80,000 square feet and 15 acres of all-weather laydown yard. 

We offer:

  • Field verification
  • Document and material control
  • Shop Fabrication capabilities
  • Full weld qualification and capability
  • Detailed QA/QC process

Repcon Inc. has a vast stable of ASME-certified welders and dedicated refractory specialists.

From alloy welders and nozzlemen to safety professionals and skilled laborers, our staff can handle virtually any situation.

And regardless of how demanding a project’s requirements are, we work tirelessly to get the job done—and get it done safely.

Production Equipment Capablities:

  • Semi-automatic welding machines
  • Multi-process welding machines
  • High-frequency alloy welding machines
  • Positioners/Headstocks
  • Pipe turn rolls


  • ASME “U”
  • ASME “R”
  • NBIC "R"