Specialty Welding & Piping Services

Read our Specialty Welding & Piping Capabilities Sheet

Our Specialty Welding & Piping experienced and skilled crafts workers can handle virtually any need or specification for turnarounds, shut downs, outages, piping revamps, and specialized equipment repairs. 

Our  large cadre of code certified and specialized alloy welders use code certified procedures encompassing multiple processes including registered, unregistered and proprietary materials.

The Repcon Quality System Includes:

  • Quality manual formatted to meet (ISO-9001)
  • Quality forms, reports,& accountability logs for the tracking of all phases of a project from start to finish
  • ASME Quality System maintaining our “U,” “S,” & NBIC “R” Certifications
  • Quality system procedures for archiving & maintaining completed project documentation

Areas of Specialty Welding and Expertise:

  • Specialty alloy welding
  • Ethylene heaters
  • Revamps of piping systems
  • Ammonia, methanol & hydrogen reformers
  • Vessel modifications & recertifications
  • Radiant re-tubes & reharps
  • Heaters & Boilers
    • Modifications
    • Repairs
  • Alloy liner repairs
  • Converter repairs & modifications

Welding Processes:

  • GTAW
  • SMAW
  • GMAW
  • FCAW