Tower Services

tower1use.jpgRead our Tower Services Capabilities Sheet

Whether your tower needs to be repaired or completely retrofitted, Repcon, Inc. has a solution that’s right for you.

We can repair or replace everything from damaged external pipe flanges to corroded vessel internals.

We can even replace complete tower sections and beams or retrofit them with a variety of trays, packings, distributors, accumulators, and feed/draw arrangements.

Our Tower and Drum Services:

  • Tunnel and clean
  • Tray repair
  • Tray removal and replacement
  • Installing and replacing packing, including high-performance structured packing
  • Strip-lining
  • Manual weld overlay
  • Mist eliminator pad removal and reinstallation
  • Media (Catalyst, sieves, etc.) dump and reload
  • ASME Code modifications S, U & R Stamps
  • Re-Sections
  • Tray support modifications and replacement
  • Nozzle installation/replacement